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Welcome to! This WebSite is mainly about Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. You can find Levels, Mods, and Programs needed for Jedi Knight. Please take time to look around, and send me comments! Although this site has not been up for 4 months, it is back on-line now and would be nice if you visited once in a while.


That was really messed up!?! I put up the Poll of the Week and I visited the site just now and found out that the site was totally messed up. Therefore, the Poll will not be up for a while, and I have to figure out the problems.


3 days passed since I worked on the site, and it's not easy work for me to work on this site when I am doing other things. Playing Jedi Knight is my hobby, and I do enjoy working on this site. Again, anyone who want to have a place here E-mail me here. I am even thinking of giving this site to someone...


I did some heavy fixing, and the site at least looks decent now. Who ever messed up my wite will pay for it. Again, I am still looking for people to support this site and make it better. E-mail me here to get a position here.


WHOA! I did not work on my site for 4 months now! I stopped because someone hacked into my site and deleted everything in my website. It is either that or the Freeservers service sucks badly. It will proabably look crummy now, but it willbe on-line soon. Oh, and I need someone else to actually work on the site. This site has a nice URL, and I need someone else to keep it up. If you are interested, please e-mail me here.

Who made this WebSite?

This Website was made by Jim Song at June 21, 1999. This site was made entirely by me, without any help from anyone.